Emily Seabury

“I am from country living, I am from art & intelligence, I am from angels & advocacy, from sports & a
passion for animals, from peace & having fun, I am from patience & resilience, from Holy Comforter -my
spiritual home & God’s creation, I am from prayer & friends I love & call my family, I am God’s creation.“
– Emily

After a childhood of isolation, doubt, & abuse, Emily has finally come to peace with herself and found her inner strength with a renewed love of life through the support of her friends & church. She is a self-taught artist and loves to create jewelry with natural stones and vibrant colors. Her love for color, vibrancy, and nature is reflected in her creations.

2 thoughts on “Emily Seabury”

  1. Debra Seabury

    I loved seeing your art on display and meeting some of the people you work with at Synergies. Art has been a way for you to express yourself and now jewelry creations is your passion. Learning how to market through Synergies has encouraged and sparked a new life in your determination. 🙏🏼💖🤟🏼

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