Emily Seabury

“I am from country living, I am from art and intelligence, I am from angels and advocacy, from sports and a passion for animals, from peace and having fun, I am from patience and resilience, from Holy Comforter -my spiritual home and God’s creation, I am from prayer and friends I love and call my family, I am God’s creation.“ – Emily

After a childhood of isolation, doubt, and abuse, Emily has finally come to peace with herself and found her inner strength with a renewed love of life through the support of her friends and church. She is a self-taught artist which from a young age provided her with solace from the negativity of life. She chose jewellery as her main form of art due to the level of detail required which she enjoys the complexity of. Her love for colour and positivity is reflected through her vibrant creations of nature. She would eventually like to further her art experience by pursuing stainless mosaics and sugar scrubs, once she is able to enough funds to pursue this medium of work. Her passions outside of art are animals which has led her to do pet sitting alongside being an artist.

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  1. Debra Seabury

    I loved seeing your art on display and meeting some of the people you work with at Synergies. Art has been a way for you to express yourself and now jewelry creations is your passion. Learning how to market through Synergies has encouraged and sparked a new life in your determination. ?????

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