Building Blocks of Financial Empowerment

The May 11 seminar on Building Blocks to Financial Empowerment was organized by  Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities, Georgia ASPE and Synergies Work. It was our goal to give you information, tools and contacts that you can leverage within your organization and share and build financial capability among people with disabilities. Evaluations showed that all attendees (100%) were extremely satisfied or satisfied with the training received! Mission accomplished!

Currently, one in three Americans with a disability lives in poverty. More than half (59%) are asset poor. They cannot live above the poverty line for three months if their current income stream or credit would stop. Financial empowerment is an important tool to fight poverty. If an individual or a household can have access to financial services to save and plan for emergencies then they can plan to buy a house, start a business, or invest in further education. They can build assets and gain financial security and learn the skills to “get ahead” in life rather than just “getting by.”

This seminar was a step towards building financial capabilities among people with disabilities. We are grateful to our speakers – Elaine Hunter of the FDIC and Attorney Elizabeth Appley – for their time and expertise. Money Smart training by FDIC builds the knowledge, skills and confidence and the ABLE account gives individuals the opportunity to act by meeting their unique financial needs. You can download the FDIC Money Smart presentation as well as the ABLE ACCOUNTS handout.

I am committed to continue this discussion and to find more ways that we as a community can give people with disabilities the tools to financial empowerment for their security and freedom of choice. As I move forward with Synergies Work to provide people with disabilities the support and platform to start their own business and have financial stability, I hope that you will join me.  We can find ways to work together! Please reach out to me and look for more news and educational opportunities in the future.


Aarti Sahgal
Founder, Synergies Work

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