Sophia Pineda

Sophia is a young lady with a passion for art, dancing, music, family, friends, and fun. She also happens to have Down syndrome.   Sophia enjoys ballet, horseback riding and swimming lessons, but it is art that has most captured her imagination and given her a way to express herself.  She brings an infectious sense …

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Silayillah Cook

Since childhood, I have struggled with the demons in my head who are always pulling me down. But, I like to think of my mind as a display of art. I am a true leaf by perfection. By my art, I will try to show you my heart and my thought process. So, don’t judge …

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Cole Smith

Cole is a 22-year-old artist who enjoys creating pottery. After working on his craft for many years, Colton now finally feels confident enough to showcase his work. When creating his art, he meticulously chooses the colors, shapes, and designs. Apart from pottery, Cole also enjoys music, singing, dancing, Crossfit, yoga, and going to the beach.

Nandi Isaac

Nanditha Isaac (Nandi) Nandi is a lively young woman with a passion for community and a deep desire to help people save their memories. Some years ago, a huge tornado tore through her town. Nandi met people who had lost everything. Their greatest regret was not saving their precious albums and photos. ‘Saving Memories’, became Nandi’s …

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Emily Seabury

“I am from country living, I am from art & intelligence, I am from angels & advocacy, from sports & a passion for animals, from peace & having fun, I am from patience & resilience, from Holy Comforter -my spiritual home & God’s creation, I am from prayer & friends I love & call my …

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Minna Hong

I am a serious curious dabbler. Throughout my life, dabbling has always been a great source of therapy and joy. It’s my happy place. The problem was, I did not have enough time to hang out at my happy place; the realities of life had a tendency to creep in. Killjoy! In February 1999, my …

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Jaehn Clare

Jaehn (pronounced “Jane”) is a theatre artist with more than forty years of experience as an actor, director, producer, playwright, touring artist, teaching artist, access advocate/activist, and arts administrator. She is interested in serving as a consultant, learning facilitator or speaker in service to progressive public discourse concerning access and inclusion issues and policies. Jaehn’s personal and professional …

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Stephany Glassing

At the age of 19, due to a car accident, I became paralyzed.  The years after this became my journey, which has become a very fulfilling life, but at one point while raising my child I needed to find an outlet to express myself.  A therapy that I did for me and it was ok if no …

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Connor Ensign

Connor Ensign is a young man who is passionate about art- all kinds of art!  He loves music, theatre, animation, architecture, and of course his favorite, the visual arts!  Art has always been his best way to communicate what he feels.When he was only six years old, his artwork was selected to represent the North …

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Angad Sahgal

Angad is an 18 years old young man who likes to dabble in painting. His work reflects his passion for travel, animals and people! He enjoys horse riding, soccer and loves his dog Aby. Angad is a black belt in karate and is a member of the Police Explorers program. His dream – to have a career …

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