Ashton Gilbert, Founder of UnBoxed Recycling wearing a branded t-shirt and posing in front of a stack of cardboard

Ashton Gilbert, Founder of UnBoxed Recycling

Ashton Gilbert is the founder of UnBoxed Recycling, a Tennessee-based company that offers a convenient solution for recycling cardboard for small businesses and residential homes. The company was started as a side project by Ashton in 2017 and has since grown into a successful enterprise. UnBoxed Recycling provides a subscription-based service that includes door-to-door, breakdown, new home move-in, and small business route cardboard pick-ups. The company partners with local recycling industries and has successfully recycled over sixty tons of cardboard as of March 2023. UnBoxed Recycling is committed to being environmentally conscious and plans to expand its operations and hire individuals with unique abilities.