Lachi, Founder of RAMPD wearing a light pink collared shirt and matching eye makeup facing the camera

Lachi, Founder of RAMPD

Lachi, an award-winning recording artist and advocate, founded RAMPD in May 2021 to connect the music, entertainment, and event industries to a fast-growing global network of established music professionals with disabilities. The organization was founded in response to a public talk between the Recording Academy and several disabled artists, which revealed a serious lack of visibility, access, and representation for professional disabled artists in the industry. RAMPD aims to create a more inclusive and accessible music industry by bringing together disabled artists and professionals with the support they need to succeed. Through its global network, RAMPD provides a platform for disabled artists to showcase their talents and connect with industry professionals who can help advance their careers. Lachi’s organization is making a significant impact in the industry by providing a platform for disabled artists and advocating for greater representation and accessibility.