Leroy Moore, Founder of Krip Hop Nation looking directly at the camera and wearing a tux with a burgundy bowtie

Leroy F. Moore, Founder of Krip-Hop Nation

Leroy F. Moore Jr. founded Krip-Hop Nation in Berkeley, California, in 2007 as a global organization of Hip-Hop artists with disabilities. Krip-Hop Nation aims to campaign for equality for people with disabilities worldwide through concerts, tours, workshops, and other forms of activism. The movement raises awareness about the history and challenges faced by musicians with disabilities, while also promoting the musical talents of Hip-Hop artists with disabilities to various media outlets, educators, and scholars. Krip-Hop Nation has published CDs, held conferences, and spoken on issues such as ableism and police brutality against people with disabilities. The organization has been successful in spreading awareness about the -isms facing musicians with disabilities and in bringing attention to the talents and abilities of Hip-Hop artists with disabilities