Trevor Dealy, Founder of Trev's Trades smiling and standing by a wall of greenery

Trevor Dealy, Founder of Trev’s Trades

Trevor Dealy is the founder of Trev’s Trades, an artisanal soap-making company that provides meaningful employment to people with disabilities. Trevor, who himself has autism and multiple disabilities, started the company to turn his lifelong dream of finding meaningful employment into reality. Through his company, Trevor not only creates high-quality soaps but has also learned the fundamentals of business, marketing, sales, and customer service. By sharing his story, Trevor aims to inspire others, especially people with disabilities, to follow their dreams. Trev’s Trades also aims to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion for all. When you purchase soap from Trev’s Trades, you are not only getting a high-quality product but are also supporting a mission that empowers individuals with disabilities.