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EDDIE Awards

Entrepreneurs Dedicated to Diverse and Inclusive Excellence

A Celebration of Human Potential

The EDDIE Awards, presented by Synergies Work, is a celebration of human potential and entrepreneurial success within the disability community. These awards recognize businesses owned by individuals with disabilities that are making an impact in the entrepreneurial world. More than just an awards ceremony, the EDDIE Awards serve as a bridge between disabled and non-disabled businesses and leaders, building inclusivity and unity. The EDDIE Awards showcase innovation, resilience, and the valuable contributions of individuals with disabilities to the broader business community.

Align Your Brand with a Powerful Cause

Join the EDDIE Awards in Celebrating and Elevating Disability-Inclusive Entrepreneurship

In order to apply for the EDDIE Awards, entrepreneurs must self-identify as disabled, reside within the United States, and be above the age of 18.

While an incorporated business is not necessary to apply, the individual applying must be actively involved in the business and own the majority of the company.

Synergies Work believes in celebrating entrepreneurs at every step of their journey – whether you’re a fresh startup or a seasoned enterprise. So don’t hesitate on applying just because you think you’re too big or too small. You’re still an important part of the disabled business community and we want to shine the spotlight on you!

The winners of each category will be invited to attend the EDDIE Awards Ceremony in Atlanta, Georgia, to accept their award with complimentary air travel, hotel stay, and transportation.

During the ceremony, our judges will announce the Entrepreneur of the Year which will be chosen from among the category winners and receive a $10,000 cash prize alongside a suite of other services.

When the application period is open, click the Apply to the EDDIES button on the right to be taken to the application. The application should take you between 5-10 minutes and ask you for some information regarding you, your business, your goals, and your achievements.


YOU are an EDDIE! Don’t doubt the impact of your work or think that your business is too small—every journey is unique, and yours is deserving of recognition!

Applications for EDDIE 2025 are currently not yet open. Add your email below to get notified!