Angad Sahgal

Angad Sahgal is a passionate young man with a great love for food, soccer, art, animals, and family & friends worldwide. He is naturally drawn to a good challenge and enjoys both the process and the outcome. One of his proudest accomplishments to date was earning a Black Belt in karate. And, now he is going to Georgia State University in fall of 2021 !Angad has Down Syndrome and is excited about creating a bright future for himself. He enjoys traveling with his family, meeting new people and exploring different cuisines. His artwork has become a major source of joy and a creative outlet for sharing his appreciation for all our world has to offer. To buy his art, visit synergies Work’s shop.

Angad is Georgia’s ambassador for supported decision making (SDM)- a tool that allows people with disabilities to retain their decision- making capacity by choosing supporters to help them make choices. It is his dream to open a restaurant to share his love for Indian cuisine. Hear him tell about his dream here


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