Angad Sahgal

Angad Sahgal is a passionate young man with a great love for food, soccer, art, animals, and family & friends worldwide. He is naturally drawn to a good challenge and enjoys both the process and the outcome. He is a student at the Georgia State University and has Down Syndrome.

He is an Atlanta-based entrepreneur and the founder of Chai Ho Tea. His love for food, drink, and most important teas has led him to experience cultures from all across the world. But he has always found himself drawn back to his home country of India. Now he brings the incredible organic, sustainably grown teas to your home so you can share in his passion! Shop My Teas

Angad is also Georgia’s ambassador for supported decision making (SDM)- a tool that allows people with disabilities to retain their decision- making capacity by choosing supporters to help them make choices. He is launching “Let Me Do IT” app that will allow persons with disabilities to live life to their full potential.


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