Heather Croas

Heather Croas is a Certified Peer Specialist and a Whole Health Action Management Coach who resides in Cartersville, GA. Diagnosed with a mental illness at an early age, Heather was able to find solace through the lens of a camera, and she learned to use art as a way to communicate her thoughts and emotions. When she was just 8 years old, she discovered her love for photography and capturing moments that brought her comfort and gave her the courage to fight and overcome challenges. As an adult, her personal triumph over mental illness motivated her to assist others on their journey to wellness and using her own experiences, she assists others in learning coping and self-help strategies. In March 2016, Heather became a member of Toastmasters to overcome her fear of public speaking, and this year she is on target to receive the highest honor in the Toastmasters organization; Distinguished Toastmaster. Through her public speaking platform, Heather speaks her truth to audiences across North Georgia, and works to illuminate a side of mental illness that is often not portrayed in the media.


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