Art Incubator 2019

At Synergies Work we believe that every individual has a talent or a gift.  And, everyone should have the opportunity to tap into their passions & explore their potential to find their true purpose in life. In keeping with this belief, we piloted our first ever Art Incubator in partnership with the Spruill Center for the Arts in April -May, 2019.   The aim was to provide a physical co-learning space for artists to develop their  art skills as well as to get business training form industry experts. It was a transformative experience!

The program was piloted at the  Education Center  of Spruill Center for  The Arts, and was held every Friday, for 5 weeks, from 9.30- 12.30 pm. Throughout the course, participants worked with experienced art facilitators. and met  with business leaders. Most importantly, they had an opportunity to  work and learn  with their peers. 

Artists experimented with different techniques, mediums & subject areas. They worked with special aromatic paints (created by our instructor Bill Ruck), charcoal, jewelry making and metal crafts. They got the tools, space and support to create unique art and business skills to be successful.

Our Impact

The Synergies Work Art Incubator pilot underscores the belief that everyone thrives when we work together in an inclusive setting. Over the course of five weeks, we gave nearly a dozen artists the opportunity to explore their creativity, gain confidence in their skills, and most importantly, feel like they were part of a community.

At the end of our five weeks, we finished our program with an Art Exhibition at the Spruill Center for the Arts where we exhibited for sale the pieces created by our artists. The proceeds went back directly to each artist with the goal of showing them that they can turn their passions into a career.

I really enjoyed my interactions with the other students in the class. I have enjoyed the people who have been teaching the class and guest speakers who talked about business. I look forward to coming to class every Friday. It has been really awesome!” Melvin Arundelli

I really have been practicing my craft and mainly learning to work with others. This is the kind of setting I’d love to be in – with other creative people around. I felt I had something to offer.” Juvaes Stratton

“I find it easier to do artwork when I am in a group. I liked the program and how to sell the artwork. It was fun.” – Kevin Lyonn

If you  wish to learn more about our Art Incubator program or wish to be associated with it in any way, write to

Proudly sponsored by the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities and the Coca-Cola Company.


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