Aarti Sahgal featured on All Good Things Start With You with Jordon Levin

Synergies Work founder, Aarti Sahgal, was featured on the All Good Things Start With You podcast with Jordan Levin! Jordan and Aarti spoke about building sustainable businesses for individuals with disabilities and Aarti’s journey to growing Synergies Work over the past three years.

About Jordan

He’s been a fighter since the day he was born—three months premature, weighing only 31 ounces. Two years later, Jordan’s parents discovered that he was deaf. They were told that he would never learn to speak. Through dedication and hard work, Jordan’s parents taught him to use his residual hearing. Jordan instinctively taught himself to read lips, which has helped him to navigate the shoals of a hearing world. Today, Jordan inspires others through his motivational speaking and CrossFit coaching to begin a journey of expanding their inner vision by focusing on themselves. His goal? To help people excel in their endeavors and realize that all good things start from within.

Energetic and bold, after graduating with a Business degree from Michigan State University (1999), he purchased and ran a printing company, putting into practice his business instincts and acumen. In 2004, he sold the company and entered Target’s corporate management training program. At the same time he earned a Florida real estate license. Subsequently, he found his heart wasn’t in these forms of businesses.

In 2005 Jordan became a certified personal trainer, studying anatomy and kinesiology to deepen his understanding of how muscle groups operate and relate to each other. His knowledge of body mechanics is innate; he grew up playing hockey, skiing, and a variety of other sports.

In 2009 he opened his CrossFit Gym in Bloomfield, Michigan where he inspires his clients to see themselves as team players. Everyday he motivates men and women to become the best they can be. Jordan knows All Good Things Start With YOU.

About Jordan’s Podcast

Sadly, most people lack confidence. They don’t trust their bodies or themselves. I often work with lion-like people who see a kitten in the mirror instead of their true magnificent selves. People need to be reminded of their real strengths and abilities.

I was born three months premature, weighing only 31 ounces. Yet I survived. I wouldn’t have survived if I weren’t fierce. The word ‘no’ doesn’t exist for me. I push through obstacles no matter their size or scale. I feel I’m here to inspire others to walk through whatever stands in their way, whatever keeps them from identifying and achieving their dream.

My mission is to INSPIRE people to expand their personal horizons and to locate the core of their life’s purpose. My ability to guide and inspire will enable you and your team to tap into the catalyst of all good things within YOU! We’ll talk about how I can inspire you and your team since I really know All Good Things Start With YOU

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