Idea to Incubation Program

Sept 10th - Oct 29th
Every Thurs | 12:00-1:00pm

Program Overview

Synergies Work believes that entrepreneurship is a learned skill and we’re here to help you learn the fundamentals of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Learn everything you need to know about Starting & Launching Your Business in our eight-week program featuring guest speakers from Fortune 500 companies, successful non-profits, and more.

“It’s not magic, it’s not mysterious, and it has nothing to do with genes. It’s a discipline, and like any discipline, it can be learned.” – Peter Drucker


Week 1 | Sept 10th | Everything Starts with an Idea: Udaiyan Jatar, Chairman BlueEarth Ventures

Week 2 | Sept 17th | Turn Your Idea into a Business: Ashish Thakur, Board Atlanta CEO Council

Week 3 | Sept 24th | Form Your Organization: Donald Potts, Principal DEPco Accounting services

Week 4 | Oct 1st | Define Your Brand: Shakir Moin Chief Operating Officer at Costa Coffee, The Coca – Cola company

Week 5 | Oct 8th | Build Your Digital Presence: Zen Kramer, Ass. Brand Manager, DASANI & Bari Rosenstein, Social Media Manger at The Coca-Cola Company

Week 6 | Oct 15th | Financial & Accounting Basics: Tiffany Kirk, V.P. of Community Affairs

Week 7 | Oct 22nd | Social Security: Sally Atwell, Project Director, Shepherd Center ‘s Benefits Navigator Project & Doug Jackson, Deputy Director of STABLE Accounts

Week 8 | Oct 29th | Bootstrap your Business: Sara Khalek, Co-founder at Imagine i5

About Synergies Work

Synergies Work is a non-profit committed to economic empowerment of people with disabilities. We inspire people to discover their talents, turn ideas into businesses, connect to one another and to needed opportunities, information, and skills.