Entrepreneurship Program

The Synergies Work i2i ( Idea to Incubation)  program is the ONLY entrepreneurial program in the United States offering mentorship, business education, funding, and an ongoing support to enable individuals with disabilities to launch and grow sustainable businesses.

The program is open to all people who self identify as disabled and comes  at zero cost to them. However, it does require commitment of time and effort. The selection is based on your application followed by an interview. 

“It’s not magic, it’s not mysterious, and it has nothing to do with genes. It’s a discipline, and like any discipline, it can be learned.” - Peter Drucker

Program Overview

How i2i Works

This FREE Incubator is offered every 6 months for a 10 week period. During this period, members of the i2i Cohort participate in weekly Learning Labs with business leaders, receive 1-on-1 coaching from mentors, and receive 2-6 hours of support from the Synergies Work team in actively developing their business ideas. Throughout the program, each participant receives between 20-50 hours of support from established entrepreneurs, legal consultants, accountants, disability rights advocates, and other members from the business and disability community to help them navigate the world of entrepreneurship and create a sustainable structure that can help them succeed following the incubator.

Learning Labs
The program consists of weekly, interactive and virtual Lesson Labs led by experts in their field. Each week, participants will learn practical and tangible lessons on how to launch, grow, or manage a sustainable business.

Individual Coaching
Each participant will be assigned a mentor who will work with them  each week to further develop their
business idea, create a sustainable support structure, develop their business plan, and outline necessary next steps for during and after the Incubator to successfully achieve their business goals.

Impact Grants
Upon completion of the Incubator, each participant is eligible to apply for an Impact Grant of $500-$2000 that helps them launch or grow their business. Successful applicants receive funding based on their business plan and proposed use of grant funds.

i2i Accelerator Program: 2 Year Commitment
After successful completion of the i2i incubator program, the participants graduate to i2i Accelerator program that provides one on one support to participants to execute their business plan and make it sustainable.

You're Invited!

Join us on November 30th at 6PM for our first Stories That Bring Us Together event featuring business leaders with and without disabilities sharing their stories.

Featuring Stancil Tootle, Ashish Thakur, and Carrie Stimmel.

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