Synergies Work
Impact Grant Application

Deadline:August 7, 2020

Grant Overview

Are you a person with a disability who needs help starting or growing your business? Synergies Work is here to help. We are awarding mini grants of $200-500 for entrepreneurs seeking seed funding or supportive funds for their businesses.

In a time of economic and social uncertainty, we are committed to the financial empowerment of people with disabilities by translating their gifts and talents into sustainable businesses. We want you to succeed and it is our mission to help bridge the gap between the disability community and the business world.

All applications will be reviewed by the Synergies Work Grant Selection committee consisting of experienced local advisors. Have questions about applying? Reach us at


About Synergies Work

Synergies Work is a non-profit committed to economic empowerment of people with disabilities. We inspire people to discover their talents, turn ideas into businesses, connect to one another and to needed opportunities, information, and skills.