Truist Foundation Inspire Awards 2022 Group Photo

Inspiring Conversations: Truist Foundation Helps Synergies Work Bridge the Gap Between the Business and Disability Communities

Synergies Work was feature on Yahoo Finance for our involvement in the 2022 Truist Foundation Inspire Awards.

This article shares the story of our founder Aarti Sahgal drive to launch Synergies Work after she noticed that no other incubators and accelerators were supporting founders with disabilities. Its focus is Synergies Work’s efforts to continue to support our mission to create a world where is people living with disabilities can thrive.

Synergies Work submitted its ideas to the Inspire Awards Challenge, sharing how its framework provides financial capital, social capital, education and mentorship to bridge the gaps between the business and disability communities.

Read the full article on Yahoo Finance to learn more about how funding and support can impact the disability community