Find Your Tribe

Synergies Work is a free online platform that provides the support you need to launch and grow your business. We guide founders through every step of their journey by providing guidance, funding, coaching, and connections with other disabled founders.
Collage of diverse entrepreneurs


Meet, connect, and collaborate with other disabled founders through our Public Community Meetups.


Learn from established leaders during our Monthly Masterclasses where you can build your skills, ask questions, and connect.


Explore our grant finder to find funding for your startup or established business. Apply for our bi-monthly grant!


Access exclusive perks from corporate startup partners including Microsoft, Google, Hubspot, and more.

Ready to Take the Leap?

We’re thrilled to have you join us at the Synergies Work Platform , the largest community of disability-led startups in the United States. Our platform is designed to connect you with resources, networks, and communities that will empower you to launch, grow, and scale your businesses. Not sure what to expect? Watch out brief Getting Started Guide to learn more before taking the leap!

Why should you join?

Synergies Work believes that no entrepreneur is an island – we all exist within a vibrant and collaborative ecosystem where together we can fuel each others successes. The Synergies Work platform is where that energy comes together in a safe and welcoming environment.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur just testing the waters or an entrepreneurial veteran looking to give back to the community, we invite you to join and become a part of a growing movement of disability-led businesses.