Synergies Work 's philosophy is based on “arth” or true purpose guides us in providing mentorship, advice and practical training to build business ventures and in connecting corporate partners to support entrepreneurs with disabilities.  Arth (an Indian word for “the meaning”) is based on four simple questions -  what do you love? What are you good at? What does the world need? Can you make a livelihood out of it?

It is only when we do what we are passionate about, we are truly alive! Our work, then resonates with our inner being and gives purpose to our lives. It is then we know, we have found the “arth” of our existence.


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Arth is the foundation of  our business planning. It starts with an understanding of each individual’s gifts and talents and their “north star”. This is then juxtaposed against market dynamics and business reality. What is their passion, mission, vocation and profession?