Nick Papadopoulos

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My name is Nick Papadopoulos. I am a 43 year old. My purpose in life is to bring people together with compassionate heart and humor. I believe that I am a conduit for other people to connect with each other. As a child, I was often told that I was the “ heart “ of the family. At the Center for independent living where I worked, took pride in connecting people with resources so that they may help each other find mutual success. Connecting people in my social life is also something that comes naturally. I often introduce friends to each other and if there is benefit in that relationship then I get to experience the joy as both people learn and grow from each other. I hope to use my gift of being a connector in business to form strong cohesive, synergistic teams that work flawlessly together.

Unfortunately, I currently find myself in a nursing home, in the town of Royston. I am a person of many talents and interests. I enjoy travelling, technology, photography and video production. When I get out of here, I hope to start a travel vlog of my life adventures!

First, I want to start a T-shirt company to start earning money to move out of the nursing home and be independent. The nursing home only lets you keep $30 of your check wherever your earnings may come from. These shirts would help me supplement that income. I believe, that anything is possible if I put my mind to it, no matter where I am. I want my T-shirts to be a platform for systemic change in the disability community.

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