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We all have a role to play in building a bridge between the disability and business community. We invite you to become a corporate partner and help build a world where people with disabilities belong.

Building a Community

Synergies Work is committed to building one world where people with disabilities belong – where a support network exists for everyone to find their passions, grow, and succeed. We are working to bridge the systemic social & economic gaps that exist between people with disabilities and the general population.

Become a Mentor

We value our mentors. They are the change makers who guide and build the next generation of entrepreneurs. They give their talent and time and are making the invisible visible.

Become a Speaker

We are all about closing the network gaps between the disability and the business community. We pride ourselves in bringing speakers who are not only industry experts but also passionate about building an equitable world.

Learn how you can share your knowledge with our community through our workshops, i2i Program, or other speaking opportunities.

Become a Corporate Partner

By building bridges between the disability and business community, we create a more equitable world for all of us. Our corporate partners support our efforts by funding programs and amplifying our messages. We also work together with organizations looking to create tailored programs for the communities they serve.

Become a Donor

All of our programs are offered to our entrepreneurs at no cost. This is only possible through the support of donors like you. By making a charitable donation, you help us on our mission to empower people with disabilities.

Book a Corporate Experience

Raising awareness and increasing understanding of disability and diversity is an important part of what we do. Book an hour-long session to learn how, diversity, equity and inclusion intersect with disability and how you can be a change maker.