Building Partnerships

Progress cannot be made in isolation and that’s why Synergies Work is committed to bridging the gap between the business and disability community. We partner with both public and private organizations to empower individuals, support communities, and change the paradigm for how we approach disability entrepreneurship.

Our Mission

At Synergies Work, our mission is to build one where where people with disabilities belong. We believe that entrepreneurship is a powerful tool for creating economic empowerment and inclusion, and we are committed to breaking down the barriers that have historically prevented people with disabilities from accessing this pathway to success.

Our work is made possible through the support of corporate and government partners who share our commitment to creating a more inclusive society. By working together, we can break down the barriers that have historically prevented people with disabilities from achieving their full potential as entrepreneurs.

Join us in our mission to build a world where people with disabilities have the opportunity to thrive as entrepreneurs. Together, we can create a brighter future for everyone.

Black man with blue collared shirt using sign language

Our Featured Partners

Partner with Us

Our partners make an impact on the world by putting their funding and resources towards our programs. Through their support, we’re able to launch innovative initiatives, provide one-on-one support, and open doors to opportunities that never existed before.

Through the financial, social, and human capital provided by our partners, we’re able to change the lives of people with disabilities.

Partnership opportunities include: