Become a Mentor or Speaker

Volunteer your time, experience, and expertise towards helping empower entrepreneurs with disabilities.

The Role of a Mentor

Synergies Work’s Mentorship program provides an opportunity for our entrepeneurs to learn from leaders in the business community. As a mentor, you’ll help guide the next generation of entrepreneurs. Here is a brief overview of our mentoring program:

The Role of a Speaker

Are you a subject matter expert looking to share your knowledge and experience?

Consider becoming a guest speaker for Synergies Work! We invite business leaders from all industries to speak to our entrepreneurs through virtual workshops.Workshops generally are 1-hour sessions considering of a 30-45 minute presentation on a topic followed by a Q&A.

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The Mentoring Process

Step 1:
Mentor Matching

When you apply to become a mentor, we schedule a short conversation with you to learn more about your background, your expertise, and what you're passionate about. We then use this information to match you to an entrepreneur.

Step 2:
Introductory Meeting

Once you've been matched, Synergies Work schedule a meeting with you and your entrepreneur where you'll be introduced to each other and learn more about that individual's business. We'll also identify specific areas of focus where you can work together.

Step 3:
Monthly Mentoring

We ask our mentors to meet for a minimum of one-hour per month with their mentee. During this meeting, you'll talk with your mentee about obstacles, successes, opportunities, and goals.

Step 4:
Supporting Growth

Synergies Work is here to support the mentors and mentees. As you identify opportunities for additional support, our network of resources and professional service providers can plug in and help overcome obstacles and capitalize on opportunities.

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