Venice Stroll by Lauren Dubrinsky


Venice Stroll started out as a postcard that inspired the artist. She used a collage technique incorporating the postcard into the subsequent artwork by cohesively mpainting what she imagines the rest of the scene would look like. This work comes alive with layering and texturing the paint and other images and the use of vibrant colors.


About the Artist

Lauren Dubrinsky is a native New Yorker and artist, who moved to Atlanta 33 years ago at age of 23. After being a stay-at-home mom for her three children, Lauren founded her own business in 2005 teaching art to the elderly at assisted living communities around Atlanta. As she continued to grow her business, she volunteered at a day program with adults with learning differences. Her experiences there made her realize she had found her calling.

Since then, Lauren has pursued a career in the special needs community where she works as an artist, life coach, caregiver, and art teacher. After majoring in Graphic Design and Art History at SUNY Binghamptom, Lauren is using her education, her talents, and her compassion to better the lives of those around her while continuing to create her own art.