Soar: A Pathway to Success Through Self-Employment

Thank you for attending our August 11 seminar SOAR: A Pathway to Success through Self-employment.  Our goal was to share resources on entrepreneurship and open possibilities for people with disabilities. We are on a journey that no one before us has explored. We are humbled and excited by your response and feedback. Evaluations show that all attendees (100%) were extremely satisfied or satisfied with the seminar!

Did you know that in the U.S. three jobs in every ten are held by the self-employed and the workers they hire? Self- employment is a critical alternative to competitive wage employment for people with disabilities. Self-employment provides people with disabilities greater flexibility and helps overcome barriers related to transportation, mobility and accessibility.

However, people with disabilities are marginal payers in this sector for various reasons. The average start-up money, team size, access to education and income of new entrepreneurs with disabilities is significantly smaller than non-disabled new entrepreneurs. Research validates that entrepreneurs with disabilities are significantly less likely to achieve sales revenue for their business and less likely to get external funding. They lack the privilege of a network of relationships and social connections that many of us rely on for success, resulting in a model that cannot scale and expand beyond a hobby or a cottage industry.

Synergies Work partnership process is focused on supporting entrepreneurs with disabilities overcome these challenges. The seminar on August 11 shared our collaborative process that meets individuals where they are in their entrepreneurial journey. The three pillars of Synergies Work are: Incubate, Collaborate and Sustain. This is Synergies Work’s unique partnership model.  We cannot do this alone…. But, we can do it together.

We are, very grateful to our speakers for sharing their time, expertise and resources. We are also grateful to them for supporting our entrepreneurs in their quest for success.

For  any more questions about work incentive benefits & self-employment reach out to Sally Atwell at Shepherd center. 

Access Elaine Hunter’s presentation on How to be Money & Credit Smart Here.
Ashish Thakur made us re- look at our relationships in life & business. He recommends reading Give and Take by Adam Grant. (My all-time favorite!)

Go to the Georgia Microenterprise Network website to learn more and to contact Elizabeth Wilson.

Keep a look out for our e-commerce store on our website, where you will be able to buy the goods from our entrepreneurs. Our next step is to find a brick & mortar location of our incubator where artists and entrepreneurs can meet and learn and push their boundaries to SOAR.

We are committed to continue this discussion and to find more ways that we as a community can give people with disabilities the tools to financial empowerment for their security and freedom of choice. As I move forward with Synergies Work to provide people with disabilities the support and platform to start their own businesses, I hope we can find ways to work together! Please reach out to me and look for more news and entrepreneurial opportunities in the future.

With Regards,

Aarti Sahgal
Founder, Synergies Work, Inc.

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