ZenBusiness Feature

Synergies Work and ZenBusiness Team Up To Make Starting a Business Easy for Entrepreneurs With Disabilities

We are excited to share that Synergies Work’s strategic partnership with ZenBusiness made the news.

This article shares how Synergies Work has entered into a strategic partnership with ZenBusiness, a one-stop tech platform that helps entrepreneurs launch, run, and grow the business of their dreams. The partnership will enable participants in the Synergies Work Idea to Incubation (i2i) program to easily register their businesses and complete other filings with ZenBusiness.

This is one step in removing the barriers to entrepreneurship. These barriers span education, health, finances, and access to the networks and resources that are essential to their growth and success. Through this partnership, Synergies Work and ZenBusiness will empower entrepreneurs with disabilities and help bridge the opportunity gaps between the business and disability communities.  

Read the full article on PR Newswire and learn more about how we create synergies within the business community to support entrepreneurs with disabilities.