Metro Atlanta CEO

Synergies Work Receives Grants from Truist Foundation’s Inaugural Inspire Awards

We are proud to share that Synergies Work was featured on Metro Atlanta CEO after having received second place. at Truist Foundation’s inaugural Inspire Awards and was also voted Audience Favorite by in-person and virtual event attendees. 

The article highlights what that recognition means to our community.

“Leaving the Truist Foundation Inspire Awards with both second place and the Audience Favorite awards means the world to us because of the light it is shining on the disability community,” said Aarti Sahgal, founder and CEO of Synergies Work. “We’re confident that the work we’re doing makes a difference for entrepreneurs with disabilities. For us to now have Truist Foundation and MIT Solve as part of our support system is huge, and we’re so grateful for the avenues this experience and funding will open.”

To read the full article on Metro Atlanta CEO click here and learn about the impact the awards will make for our community.