Our Services

Business Breakfast

Breakfast is not just the most important meal of the day, it is also a great time to learn and network. We love to organize Business Breakfasts with innovative business leaders, innovators, and investors so that YOU can learn from their journey. These informal breakfasts are a great way to connect with not only leaders but also fellow entrepreneurs.

One on One Mentoring

Each entrepreneur is different. So, we believe that the mentoring you receive from our business professionals are also as unique as you are. We are committed to providing you individuals mentors that are just right for your business, and YOU.

Business Bootcamp

Have a day, a week, a month or 6 months to learn about setting up a small business? Well, you are in luck, we organize business boot camps to help entrepreneurs at all stages with the growth of their business. Our boot camps teach you how to set up a business, work with different financial institutions, connect you with key players in a multitude of industries, and help you get ready to get your first customer.

Financial Services

One of the key reasons small business and entrepreneurs fail is that they do not utilize all the resources available to them. One of the most complex and underutilized resources is financial. There are a slew of financial grants, benefits, and programs entrepreneurs can employ, which they might never know. We work to guide you towards the right financial resources that can work best for you. Over the past few years, we have helped our entrepreneurs work with the FDIC, ABLE Accounts, and work with our bank partners. In addition, we have organized financial resource boot camps where speakers from the government and the financial industry tell you the ins-and-outs of how best to financially support your small business.

Online Store

We run an online gallery to showcase our entrepreneurs to the entire world. It is an online platform to market, promote, sell, and even ship all your work to our global audience. We want you to succeed, and so what better way to than to just help you sell your product.

Why we call it a gallery. A gallery not only sells its artisans work, but it also works with the artisan holistically. Our gallery approach is to make sure that we are always there with our entrepreneurs through every business process from the creation of the product to the final sale.

Help empower entrepreneurs with disabilities