Synergies Work is personal mission that stems from life experiences of Aarti Sahgal. As a parent of a child with Down syndrome she has always resisted against services for her son that might isolate or disempower him. Many a time services garbed under “special” are not really special. She continues to challenge the soft bigotry of low expectations that exclude people with intellectual disabilities from living their true potential.

Aarti and her organization believe that all people, including those with disabilities, have gifts and talents -  of hand, heart or mind. It is by tapping into an individual’s talent, stirring their curiosity and expanding their vision of what is possible we can enable them to work at their best.  



  • 1 in 5 Americans (57 Million) has a disability
  • More than 1 Billion with disabilities world wide
  • Constitutes the largest growing minority segment in the country
  • Only 17% are employed as compared to 65% employment rate of their peers
  • Their average annual income is lower than their peers.
  • Subminimum wages for people with disabilities are still legal
  • Policy barriers: preclude savings & restrict earnings
  • Psychological barriers: low expectations & discrimination
  • There is nothing special about “special”
  • Over 25% of adults with a disability live in poverty
  • 50% of individuals with disabilities are unbanked or underbanked