About Us

Our Story

At Synergies Work and in my life I continue to challenge the soft bigotry of low expectations that exclude people with intellectual disabilities from living their true potential. We believe that ALL people, have gifts and talents. It is by tapping into an individual’s talent, stirring their curiosity and expanding their vision of what is possible we can enable them to work at their best.
Aarti Sahgal
Founder of Synergies work

Aarti Sahgal started Synergies Work with a simple goal – helping individuals with disabilities earn a livelihood. Over the years, she had noticed the increasing prevalance of “gig culture” where people were able to supplement their traditional income by taking on non-traditional work and employment allowing them the freedom to pursue their dreams and passions. However, she noticed that individuals with disabilities – a community that would most benefit from something like this – were being left out of this new workforce transformation. While most people had access to incubators, industry contacts, and funding, individuals with disabilities often found themselves without any of these resources.

Our role has since been to help bridge the gap between these individuals with disabilities and the business opportunities that were otherwise out of reach. Our programs allow our members to explore different avenues and choose a path that best aligns with their dreams and ambitions.

Our Philosophy

Synergies Work’s philosophy is based on “arth” or finding your purpose. It is the foundation of our business planning which starts with understanding each individual’s gifts and talents. What are their passions? What do they love doing? What sparks interest and excitement in them?

After answering these questions, we work with the individual to find opportunities to take their unique skills and turn them into viable, sustainable businesses that can earn a livelihood. We believe that every individual has something unique to offer and our role is help them share that with the world.

Our Services

Synergies Work provides several services to help our members turn their passions into sustainable businesses. Through our Mentoring Programs and Workshops, we offer access to a network of experts and volunteers who help individuals with each step of forming, managing, and maintaining their business. Our Business Breakfasts are hubs for developing networking skills and learning from other entrepreneurs, business leaders, and investors. Our Business Bootcamps give an opportunity for budding entrepreneurs at all stages to learn the fundamentals of starting a business, obtaining funding, and marketing themselves as they grow. Through our online platform, we give artists a space to exhibit, promote, and sell their creations. For every piece of art purchased, the creator receives 80% while the remaining 20% goes towards expanding our support services for the artist and promoting their work.

Help empower entrepreneurs with disabilities