Who We Are

Our Story

Aarti Sahgal started Synergies Work with a simple goal – helping individuals with disabilities earn a livelihood. Over the years, she had noticed the increasing prevalence of “gig culture” where people were able to supplement their traditional income by taking on non-traditional work and employment allowing them the freedom to pursue their dreams and passions. However, she noticed that individuals with disabilities – a community that would most benefit from something like this – were being left out of this new workforce transformation. While most people had access to incubators, industry contacts, and funding, individuals with disabilities often found themselves without any of these resources.

Our role has since been to help bridge the gap between the disability community and the business world. Our programs allow our members to explore different avenues and choose a path that best aligns with their dreams and ambitions.

At Synergies Work and in my life I continue to challenge the soft bigotry of low expectations that exclude people with disabilities from living their true potential. We believe that ALL people, have gifts and talents. It is by tapping into an individual’s talent, stirring their curiosity and expanding their vision of what is possible we can enable them to work at their best.
Aarti Sahgal
Founder of Synergies work

Our Mission

To inspire people with disabilities to discover their talents and turn ideas into sustainable businesses. We provide opportunities, create opportunities, and help level the playing field for equal talent and close the network gaps.

Our Vision

Synergies Work, envisions an equitable world where ALL individuals have opportunities to tap into their boundless talent, spread their wings, test their curiosity and expand their vision of what is possible and positive.

Our Reason Why

We believe that everyone has something to offer the world – a gift of hand, a gift of heart, or a gift of head. By meeting individuals where they are, we help them discover their true passion and translate their talents into a meaningful business venture.

Founded by the parent of a young adult with Down Syndrome, Synergies Work believes in raising the bar for individuals with disabilities by challenging the soft bigotry of low expectations. The work is slow and deliberate, but we are ready to do it because for us, every individual matters. Like a caring parent, we nurture each individual and their business with faith and patient while creating a “holding environment” for their business that buffers them against distress and creates room for experimentation.

Help empower entrepreneurs with disabilities

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