Synergies Work's philosophy is based on “arth” or finding your true purpose.


We facilitate safe learning spaces

Synergies Work is a personal mission that stems from my life experiences. I am a parent to two young men and my younger child is diagnosed with Down syndrome. When he was born I made a simple promise to myself –  to provide him with the same opportunities and choices as my older son. Nothing different. Nothing special! – Aarti Sahgal
This mantra has been a guiding principle raising my children and my work. Sometime last year, I took the plunge to start a non-profit organization — Synergies Work. You could say, I was bitten by the “start-up bug”! It was the time when our older son quit his banking job to join a startup. I noticed that all around us people were doing gigs to either supplement their incomes or to pursue their dreams & passions. But, I did not see many people with disabilities in this space. Do you know, 30–40% of the workforce are self-employed — either part or full-time? There are incubators & accelerators for old & young, all minorities and all industries except people with disabilities! Synergies Work exists to bridge this gap and level the playing field. It is is rooted in providing choice to people with disabilities as they explore employment opportunities.

At Synergies Work and in my life I continue to challenge the soft bigotry of low expectations that exclude people with intellectual disabilities from living their true potential. We believe that ALL people, have gifts and talents. It is by tapping into an individual’s talent, stirring their curiosity and expanding their vision of what is possible we can enable them to work at their best.

Our Philosophy

Synergies Work’s philosophy is based on “arth” or finding your true purpose. It is the foundation of our business planning. It starts with an understanding of each individual’s gifts and talents and their “north star”. This is then juxtaposed against market dynamics and business reality. What is their passion, mission, vocation and profession?
Arth (an Indian word for “the meaning”) is based on four simple questions – what do you love? What are you good at? What does the world need? Can you make a livelihood out of it?


Help empower entrepreneurs with disabilities by supporting their work