Noah Seback

After experiencing the challenges of being a non-speaking autistic individual firsthand, Noah is developing his consulting business that helps mentor other non-speaking autistic individuals as well as their stakeholders in order to help address the mishandling and mistreatment of non-speaking individuals in both public and private. Noah was part of the i2i spring cohort.

2021 Update: Noah launched his peer to peer consulting business in July, 2021. Check out his new website Quirk Thrives, thanks to support from Synergies Work. ! He started with two nonpaying clients who helped us hone our process and procedures. This has given us invaluable practice in facing unanticipated situations. He now has paying clients! He has partnered with a group of professionals who serve non speakers and will be providing mentoring services along with them.

“Early 2021, I was just a nonspeaking autistic guy, who had a dream to partner with others on their nonspeaking journey – from just surviving to thriving.  Fast forward one year, I’m now a nonspeaking autistic living that dream with my own peer support business qUirk: Where NeUrodiversity Thrives.
How did I get there? With the acumen and support of Synergies Work i2i Entrepreneurship Program. Since business launch 6 months ago, I’ve had the opportunity to establish ongoing mentoring with 9 non speakers (ages 3 to 26) and their families regarding motor loops, body control and dysregulation, and a host of other stumbling blocks. I’m planning to expand my client base and services offered to increase sustainability and impact.

Thank you Synergies Work for believing in and investing in entrepreneurs like me.”




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